Have you heard about Digital twin? How it gives the edge for IOT?

Digital Twin is one of the critical IOT trends that would become the next big tech leap by bridging the bridge between physical assets and intelligent virtual models. The Digital Twin theory is not a new one, but one can see an example in NASA experiments when the pairing technology was used for its Apollo missions. However, the technology is still used to create a digital twin product. Before moving future what is Digital Twin?

In simple words, a Digital Twin is a kind of virtual representation of a physical asset that creates a virtual doppelganger of anything. It enables its abstraction layer and allows devices to interact with each other consistently. There are several features such as device simulation, integration of analytics, machine learning and more than associate with Digital Twin easily.

How Digital Twin gives the edge for IoT?

We know that the digital twin technology that supports IoT platforms for application developers deliver the IoT Projects, undertake IoT initiatives with making use of IoT strategies. It also helps in dropping the need for highly specialized device developers. The most of the data flow connects the physical and digital thread with implementing the current state and stores a digital profile of the object. Mainly two reasons give the edge for IoT.

Visualization : Here the digital twin is combined with the best decision-makers in real-time with including information and enhancing the efficiency of the data into more flexible view of the system. The potential of this aspect mainly identify the areas of improvements and enable fast decision making.

Collaboration : This is the second critical aspects that expand the digital horizon by understanding how processes and machines work. It mainly focuses on the primary use in the product lifecycle for manufacturing and services operations. The digital twin creates a sustainable and competitive advantage for building better products & gets higher efficiency shortly.

Extended Benefits for evolved Digital Twin

  • Accelerating Innovative Product Design
  • Designing more efficient process
  • Optimizing Day-to-Day performance
  • Enable Predictive maintenance
  • Planning for large-scale infrastructure changes

Few of the Digital Twin Solution

Microsoft : Microsoft Azure IoT uses the concept of Digital Twin to get device management solutions. It automatically creates a device that connects to MS IOT Hub. It’s a JSON file that stores the device state information with backend process.

Amazon : Amazon refers to Digital Twin as device shadow that contains the state information, unique client token, meta-data, and timestamp and more as their features. It can interact with the device using MQTT messages.

IBM : IBM has tons of marketing collateral digital twins that add several reports and videos with ease. We know that IBM is a vendor that invests most in promoting their digital twins. It certainly seems that there are a lot more complicated solutions given to AWS and Microsoft by Digital Twin.

Industrial Vendors : The concept if Digital Twin is heavily discussed in Industrial IoT manufacturing. It mainly refers to the idea of the admin shell that works very similar to digital twin concept.

Bosch : Bosch IoT Things comes with pretty detailed documentation that appears to be in most advanced and more accessible developers. If one thinks that it explores the concept of digital twins, then it would start from this part.

GE Predix : The digital twins would create the detailed analytical services that seem essentials for any digital solution which looks very sophisticated. There are exciting and compelling videos which add AR/VR integrated along with digital twins.


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